(March 22, 2022)​

Ophthalmology Times: "Suprachoroidal delivery system gets drug to the macula, posterior segment"

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(August 12, 2020) 

Global Pharma Company Exercises Rights for Exclusive Use of Everads Drug Delivery Technology in Specific Retinal Targets.

While granting the pharma company exclusivity for specific ocular targets, Everads has retained the right to work on other targets and treatments, both independently and with other partners.

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(March 12, 2020)

Everads Therapy Enters Into Option Agreement With Global Pharma Company to License Everads' Suprachoroidal Delivery System for Retinal Disease Therapies;

- Agreement Supports Potential of Everads' Novel Technology and Method for Delivery of Posterior Segment Therapeutics to the Suprachoroidal Space.

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(July 12, 2020)

Everads Therapy featured on European Union's CORDIS website:
The European Union has selected Everads for a publication in the ‘Results in Brief’ section of the European Commission’s CORDIS website.​

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(June 30, 2021​)

Everads Enters into Collaboration to Evaluate its Suprachoroidal Delivery Technology with a Clinical-Stage Gene Therapy Company

-  Under new collaboration, partner given opt-in right to license specific retinal targets in exchange for pre-agreed license fees, development milestones and royalties

-  Agreement follows a previously-announced option deal with a global pharmaceutical company evaluating Everads' technology

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