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September 2022

Everads Therapy Featured at the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy for Ocular Disorders Conference

Everads Therapy announced today that Dr. Yoreh Barak, Director of Vitro-Retina Service at Rambam Medical Center, was invited to present Everads’ suprachoroidal delivery technology at the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy for Ocular Disorders conference held September 13-16th in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Dr. Barak’s presentation, “Novel Suprachoroidal Delivery System Enables Rapid Distribution to the Posterior Segment & Macula,” explained Everads’ unique approach, and presented recent data demonstrating strong transfection of the RPE and outer photoreceptor segment in non-human primates when certain AAV-GFP serotypes were delivered using Everads technology. Dr. Barak also shared data demonstrating the technology’s differentiating ability to distribute gene therapies rapidly and safely to the macula. 

Moshe Weinstein, Executive Chairman of Everads, stated, “We were honored to have been invited to present at this conference, and gratified to see the excitement that our technology is generating. The pre-clinical gene therapy studies that several pharma companies are running using our technology is demonstrating clear advantages of our delivery approach, potentially leading to broader transfection and efficacy.”

For a copy of the presentation given by Dr. Yoreh Barak, please contact Everads Therapy at

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